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Little LifeChurch!

In Matthew 18, Jesus talks about the Little children and the Kingdom of heaven. That the little children see the face of the angels in heaven and that the greatest in His Kingdom, are those who have the faith of a child.

At LifeChurch we have a Children's Sunday School and upcoming activity nights for those who would like to come! Little LifeChurch are "little ones" from ages 1-15.

We encourage everyone to grow in their faith no matter how young and freely be themselves! 

Colorful Pompoms


Every Sunday we have Little LifeChurch Sunday School! This is during Sunday Service after Worship and Communion (children will stay with parents for the first half of service so they can adjust and feel comfortable, joining in worship!) These classes are led by 2-3 church members who are here to support young minds and hearts to follow Jesus while also supporting parents as they can rest and receive God's Word. 

Questions? Email us here!

HOW are we teaching? What are the activities?


Each week we have a different focus! To start, we like to focus on education through reading and videos to introduce the topic! Throughout the month we integrate art, movements, and games of all kinds to help us all remember the teachings. But most importantly, we allow the children to have a safe space to talk, ask questions and be themselves. 

May 2024

WHAT is our teaching focus this month?


This month we are focusing on Baptism! As there is someone apart of our Little LifeChurch Crew who wants to be baptized, and this is an amazing season for New Beginnings, we're looking at What is Baptism, Why be Baptized?, and more!

WHY are we teaching?

WHY Baptism?

Relationship and Renewal!

First, we run this Sunday School because God's love and Kingdom is for all regardless of our age. Second, it is to plant a seed of hope and of Jesus' love and lessons that will absolutely be needed as children grow up.

We are focusing on Baptism because it is an amazing declaration when we are in the water with our Savior and rising with Him! It is about intimate relationship with our Lord and being renewed by Him! We hope you enjoy this series!

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